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Because Healthy is the New Sexy

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "Healthiness" Session?


A "Healthyness" Session is a unique opportunity to discuss your overall health and well-being with a certified wellness professional for up to one hour for free. You'll get actionable tips  based on your health goals. Sign up for a coaching package, and you'll receive a free coaching session plus a "Supermarket Tour" or a "Healthy Pantry Makeover" as a free bonus.

Why should I hire you?


My goal is to help you to live a healthier lifestyle one step at a time. I specialize in helping people to become consistent while adopting new behaviors, so that they can not only achieve but maintain their goals. 

What do Health Coaches Do?


Health Coaches guide their clients on their health journey to help them look and feel good. They also hold their clients accountable to what they want to achieve, thus helping people to experience their healthiest lives at any age.